The Story of Brisket Taco Company

This story of Texas cooking beings in Grand Prairie on a step stool, with a young son cooking scrambled eggs at the age of 4. Sheri says her son's persistent love of cooking began with his Grandmother in Arkansas on the Holiday’s. He was the only grandchild that was constantly curious how she made things that tasted so good. His maternal Great-Grandparents and their 3 sons were all professional chefs and line cooks, so his Grandmother was very quick to take notice of his interest and still likes to remind him to this day that "all of the chef's in my house growing up were men".


With that being said, in 2014 even as a Corporate Account Executive, Justin was asked to take a gig as a private chef for a private party in Dallas. The party hosts were in a panic because their hired chef had just cancelled at the last minute. They had all of the provisions that the no-show chef had requested and it was all pretty basic. He never asked how much it was paying, he was just excited to go cook for people. He asked to see their personal fridge because he wanted a few extra things to spice up the basic 4th of July BBQ that he had promised them. He added a twist of his own creating stuffed burgers, added a Cajun flair to their grilled chicken sandwiches and made grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers out of their own personal provisions.


After the party was over and they learned that he in fact was not a professional chef, their blank stares and open jaws said more than they could seem to get out. They asked if he had any business cards because other guests were asking about his availability. They wanted to know if he’d be willing to chef their next party and he happily offered his corporate business cards and accepted their offers for future gigs, in which he worked about a dozen for them and other guests.

Throughout his 20’s he did the typical Texas thing on Sundays: fire up the grill early in the morning, have cold ones and watch football. As anyone who knows Texas, you can simply drive through any residential neighborhood and take in the smells of various native hardwoods burning; Oak, Hickory, and Mesquite. It is simply the Texas way.

A Note From Our Owner:

"As this wonderful journey of life has brought me to Staunton, I have struggled to find the type of food that reminds me of home. I'm looking forward to bringing the idea and concept that I created back in Dallas just before the pandemic hit. I love that I get to do this in my new hometown and share with those that would like to learn about or be reminded of the taste of Texas! Thank you for all of the love and support Staunton!"

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Our Mission

To bring our customers a truly authentic Texas meal using our network of local farmers and producers. As most of the top rated BBQ places in Texas are, Being in a small location allows us to focus more on the meat and less on everything else. 

Our Vision

To become a go-to location for Texas Brisket in the Shenandoah Valley Region. We look to expand into food truck options to be more accessible for regional events, markets and pop up events.